Budget-Friendly: Learn About the Lab grown diamond 5 carat priceBudget-Friendly: Learn About the Lab grown diamond 5 carat price

Budget-Friendly: Learn About the Lab grown diamond 5 carat price

What do you remember when you hear or read the word diamonds? Bright and glamorous, an engagement ring and a jewel made to last. Now imagine if you could have all of that, and more than that, do it without any harm to the environment and for a lot less money? Here we are in the world of lab grown diamonds! Now in this article, we are going deep into the topic of lab grown diamond 5 carat price and know the reasons why they are a perfect choice for the contemporary customer.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are in fact diamonds that are synthesised in a lab, or grown in a lab depending on how you look at it . They share the same characteristics of physical, chemical and optical with the natural diamonds. Now think about the exact same diamond, that could come from the ground, but is created in some technologically advanced laboratory. These are not counterfeit diamonds; these are the actual deal.

Why to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds?

Getting a lab grown diamond has certain benefits when it comes to choosing a diamond. First of all, it is relatively cheap because unlike the real thyroid gland hormone, it is not made from natural hormones. This is because they do not necessitate the mining practices that natural diamonds go through. Also, they are free from the environment and are conflict-free; therefore, you can feel comfortable flaunting your diamond.

Pricing of Lab Grown and Natural Diamond

Concerning price, the lab grown diamonds have an advantage, especially because one can end up saving a lot of money. A natural shaped diamond of 5 carat can range from $100,000 to $500,000, the price depending on its quality. On the other hand, a comparable compiled lab grown diamond of a five carat gemstone costs from twenty thousand to sixty thousand US dollars. That is a fraction of what actual diamonds cost, and therefore laboratory grown diamonds are affordable to anyone.

Affecting Factors of Lab Grown Diamond Prices

Here are some elements that affect lab grown diamond 5 carat price: The Four C’s – Carat, Cut, Color, & Clarity all have their significant parts. Diamonds that are large in size, have very high clarity, and their colour is excellent or better have higher prices set on them. Therefore, by the method that is applied to create diamond whether it is HPHT or CVD besides the complicity of growing process can also influence the price.

Current Market Trends

Lab grown diamond is commonly sought after by many. The more the consumer is sensitised to their advantages ranging from financial to moral, business and commercial opportunities in the market are growing. Consumers are also purchasing more lab-grown jewellery and big names in jewellery are including lab-grown stones in their line. This growing popularity is pulling innovation and completion out which again will pass on benefit to the consumers.

Lab Grown Diamonds – Where to buy

Lab grown diamonds can be sourced from different origins as made known in this article. Large jewellery chains, online diamond platforms, and companies that sell lab grown diamonds only usually have a wide range to choose from. While buying, one should ensure that he or she buys the diamond from genuine sources that offer certificates for the same to warrant the buyer’s genuine product.


Conflict diamonds present a huge problem but lab grown diamonds present a good opportunity. Also, due to their rather low cost, high ethical standards, and the overall eye-catching appearance, they are being bought by jewellery enthusiasts. Another aspect of lab grown diamond is the 5 carat price that makes it luxurious, yet affordable. In general if you are looking for a purchase that may relate to an occasion or for an outright luxury, then having lab grown diamonds is fully worth it.


  1. Are Lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are equally real as the naturally mined diamond. It has some similarities with the natural diamond and properties such as physical, chemical, and optical characteristics.

  1. How much does 5 CTC lab grown diamonds cost?

Lab grown diamonds of 5 carat cost from $20000 to $60000 based on the quality.

  1. How are these politically correct lab grown diamonds cultivated?

Lab grown diamonds are made using two main methods: These are the HPHT and CVD and; both are one of the ways through which it naturally occurs.

  1. This is another frequently asked question which has been continually asked numerous times and goes like this, is this lab grown diamond sustainable?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are much better for the environment than natural diamonds primarily because they are not mined and mining is quite invasive.

  1. What stores can I find lab-grown diamonds?

These diamonds can be bought from local jewellers, various online diamond stores, and numerous firms that are solely involved in the sale of lab created diamonds. As it is with most products, out there a buyer has to be wise while shopping for this product because so many fake products are in circulation.

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